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My Story

Experienced. Certified. Supportive. British.

My Story Experience. Certified. Supportive. British.I am a British Citizen who grew up in South London. I have studied and worked in the United Kingdom all my life until I decided to move for a fresh start in Poland. Poland gives me a mixture of cultural satisfaction, a western attitude, family-oriented warmth and spiritual freedom. I am multilingual and blessed with the ability to speak different languages. I am proud to say that I will add Polish to the list of my skills too. Most successful people understand the benefits of investing in themselves, and there is no doubt that coaching is a rewarding investment. Life coaching is not only for athletes, pop stars and executives, but also for those facing the so-called midlife crisis. Know that you have blind spots accurately enough, and experienced and fair eyes can help you. My job as a coach is to encourage you to express clearly what you want in the future, and most importantly why. Help you figure out how to develop the most valuable way of thinking to achieve your goals, and choose the right strategies and routines to achieve your goals as soon as possible. The result of coaching can change your life.I have coached or trained one or more skills in my life. When it comes to what I want to do in my life, it is basically coaching and teaching. I combine the best of both worlds. In a passionate career. I have a clear British accent with a hint of South London in it. My style of teaching varies from student to student. On the whole, my approach is contextual teaching. I focus on fluency and parts of the English language that would be useful in everyday use. Adaptability and customising classes are always an option for those who require something special.  In addition, if you are a young and aspiring student or an adult who wants to relearn your business presentation or add a little spice to your already mastered knowledge, you are welcome.

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